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The indexes included here are all demonstration pieces, not works done for hire. They were written as self-study exercises when I was a beginning indexer. They were a way to practice what I was learning in the course I was taking and a way to learn how to publish indexes on the Web. They are merely published on the Web rather than on paper; they do not provide access to online texts.

The index for The Simpsons and Philosophy is an alternative to the index published in the book, which was compiled by someone else. The others are for books published without indexes.

All the indexes adhere to the following conventions, which were selected with the Web in mind: headings at all levels are hanging paragraphs; subheadings are indented from the hanging portion of the higher level heading; cross-references are separated from headings and subheadings by a period and space, and are capitalized and colored, and; See also cross-references follow the last subheading. The hanging paragraph convention allows the level of the entries to remain obvious as the window displaying them is re-sized.

Clicking on cross-references in the indexes takes you to the entry being referenced. Normally, when you click on a cross-reference, there is visible feedback because the contents of the current window are re-positioned or a new page is displayed. However, when the heading the cross-reference links to is already being displayed, there is no visible when you click on a cross-reference to it. If I were a real programmer, that problem wouldn't exist. I'm not, so it does. Therefore, the qualifier [on this page] has been added to cross-references that link to headings on the same page as the cross-reference. That qualifier never appears in back-of-the-book indexes and it is only really useful when the heading being referenced was being displayed before you clicked on the reference to it. If the heading was not already being displayed, there would be visible feedback because the page would have to be re-positioned to display it.

Clicking on the titles below takes you to the index's first page.


Captive Mind (Milosz)


Eminent Victorians (Strachey)


Fracture Zone (Winchester)


Greek Way (Hamilton)


Hacker Ethic and the Spirit of the Information Age (Himanen)

How Did This Happen? Terrorism and the New War (Hoge, Rose)


My War Gone By, I Miss It So (Loyd)


New New Thing (Lewis)


Professor and the Madman (Winchester)


Roman Way (Hamilton)


Simpsons and Philosophy (Irwin, Conard & Skoble)


Theory of the Leisure Class (Veblen)

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